About Us

SINT COMMUNICATIONS is a dynamic Technology company, creating exciting new platforms for Clients and Consumers in Kenya, Africa and across the globe. Launched in 2016, SINT has fast become the place to go to understand how Mobile Applications, Websites and Digital Marketing can transform your business. Based in the Kenyan capital, our identity is global, boasting partnerships with commercial enterprises in Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, and the list is still growing! Our unique, sound and innovative approach is derived from the cumulative experience of our team members and as a result of their combined practical business experience. We are a tech company with retail, media, marketing and management expertise combined. This allows us to propose technological solutions that address real world business challenges.

Why Sint Communications is the best option

SINT’s constant view on where technology is going, also means we are interested in partnerships that last. We don’t want to just build you an App. We want to provide you the tools to grab your audience, innovate to meet their needs, roll out new products and services, and anticipate what is coming in your industry.
Your success is our success. And we don’t bite. Talk to us today and see how easy it is to move into the future with technology driving your business forward. If you are in Kenya, let’s have a coffee...in East Africa, let’s get on Whatsapp, and then book a flight. In Europe, Asia, the Americas...we give great Skype!