Simon Thangu | Founder & C.E.O

Simon’s passion in tech can be traced back to his pre-professional days when he did his first proposal on mobile payments integration and e-commerce to one of the telecommunication giants in Kenya. Additionally, he has overseen a variety of tech innovations during his role as a technical volunteer with the Lions of Science, a charitable organization that aims to yearly award Kenyan college and university students for their creative and innovative projects. An entrepreneur & innovator who is driven, dynamic, hands on, and with a deep anity for confronting challenges and providing solutions. Simon brings over six years’ experience in media, managerial and retail. Today, Simon’s purpose and passion lies in identifying challenges in the existing businesses’ frameworks across the developing world and offer innovative lasting solutions.

Daniel Furnad | Business Development Executive

Daniel Furnad has been an international journalist, a movie actor, a sales manager and now dedicates himself to tech projects. He has lived on 3 continents, travelled to 85 countries and has called Kenya his home for almost 9 years. He is an evangelist of the virtues of Mobile Applications, Digital Content, Marketing strategy and Creative Communication.

John Kiunga | Chief Technology Officer

John Kiunga is a systems engineer an NAS, DAS, CAS and SAN servers protege. As a Computer Engineering graduate and & a networking autodidact, Mr Kiunga has an ingenuity thats a bit different but effective throughout his career in fintech industries. He has vast knowledge in HTML, SQL, PHP, SQL, Javascript, UI, CSS, Full-stack Web and Saas Development, Branding, Print and Digital Design, Animation and Illustration.